Friends of Homemade

Jasmin & Cake

The Social – An After work hang out

Zinc Flowers – our lovely neighbours Zoe & Gary make the most pretty flower arrangements in town with some very different flowers, this ain’t no retro carnation fest!

Cow – Our lovely Vintage shop street neighbours,  Tim the area manager is the biggest Michael Jackson fan known to man.

Liam D Sheppard – That man knows what to do with a paint brush, his artwork is also displayed and is for sale in Homemade

Captain Dangerous – My dear friend Adam’s very popular Nottingham band, you can often catch them playing about town, they are hotly tipped for very big things.

Morrissey – Fox – My Friend Richard Fox makes some tasty beers with that bloke off Men Behaving Badly, I believe they are doing a new TV show too, so keep your eyes peeled.

The Larder on Goosegate – Probably my favourite restaurant in Nottingham to go to  Perfect if you are feeling a bit posh, and Ewan the owner was my opponent in the Ready, Steady, Cook at the Nottingham Food Festival 2009. We Drew!

Lisa De’Ville – My wonderful friend who has one of the most haunting and perfect voice I have ever heard, make sure you go to one of her gigs, she is a girl that rocks.

Mnini – My oldest friend Maria used to run around my house naked when we were kids, and now ironically she has a lovely clothing boutique in London which helps to keep her covered up!

Krispy Kreme – because they are simply just the best doughnuts known to man.

Borough market – One of my favourite places in the world

Pink and Lilly – Caroline’s Lovely Fashion Boutique in Hockley – She has won awards and everything!

Trent FM Arena – A great place for live events and if you have a ticket you can get a discount on a pre-dinner meal.

The Hockley Hustle – Probably our favourite music event of the year, it raises shed loads for local charities and every year we do the amazing  ‘Hockley Hustle Breakfast Tower’…..mega!  Make sure you come to the next one.

  • Jasmin’s Foodie Thoughts….

    What is your favourite sandwich?

    It changes all of the time, which I think given my job it is allowed! At the moment my favourite is back to my original....Serrano Ham, Mozzarella, Vine Tomato, Pesto & Rocket on Ciabatta

    What age did you start learning to cook?

    I started cooking with my lovely Aunty Flo and my late mother at about the age of 4. Baking was really my thing to start off with, I remember making lots of Scones and Fairy Cakes with them!

    What is your favourite thing to cook?

    Wow, there are so many things, I love doing a great roast and getting my friends round the table on a Sunday. I really do love cooking Mexican and Spanish food too.