Homemade Suppliers

The suppliers for Homemade are to me a big part of the Homemade family, they help make everything possible with their tasty goods. I spent a very long time finding the right kind of suppliers, with the same kind of ethos as us and over the years, we have got to know these guys pretty well.

Lee & Fletcher Speciality Drinks – We have been getting supplies from these guys for a very long time, soft drinks and now all of our fair-trade coffee & teas.

Jim’s favourite sandwich is a Big Fish Finger Sandwich and his favourite coffee is ‘de terra estate yellow bourbon’, a sweet dark Brazilian roast.

Julie’s favourite sandwich is Ham & Blue Cheese, and her favourite coffee is a Columbian Supremo in a Cafetiere


J Kerrys & Sons - Victoria Centre Market, have been supplying all of our fruit & veg from day one. I love their stall as it is always so perfectly presented and colourful. This is definitely the day to go over the generic supermarket chains.

Maggie’s favourite sandwich is Cheese & Pickle on a crusty cob and her favourite vegetable is Spring Cabbage because it is healthy and full of iron.

Andrew’s favourite sandwich is Tuna & Cucumber and his favourite veg is Savoy Cabbage, because oddly enough it tastes nice!!

Meat at the Corner - Victoria Centre Market, Terry has been my butcher for quite a number of years now, their lovely meat is locally sourced from neighbouring Lincolnshire and there is non of this battery hen nonsense, just proper meat from proper farmers!

Terry’s favourite sandwich is a good BLT on tiger loaf and his favourite meat is Lamb.

The Fishmongers - Victoria Centre Market, These guys are quite a collection of characters, very entertaining indeed and their fish selection is amazing, far more to choose from than the usual suspects of Salmon and Haddock. I am a big fan of their Tiger Prawns and today I had my eye on some Skate Wing.

Nick’s favourite sandwich is Cheese, Ham and Tomato on a crusty cob, and his favourite fish is Lemon Sole

Harley’s favourite sandwich is Sausage & Egg and his favourite fish is Snapper as it is very versatile.

John’s favourite sarnie is Tongue,Tomato & HP sauce, Retro! And his favourite fish is Haddock


Steve & Nick are our wonderful traditional bakers, they make bread how it should be. The bakery itself is only tiny and has the most amazing original ovens and mixers, still in working order, dating back two generations to their elders who started the bakery.

Steve’s favourite sandwich is Tuna Mayo on brown bread, and when I asked him what his favourite cake was, he said he’s rather eat cheese & biscuits!

Nick’s favourite sandwich is Cheese on White Loaf, and his favourite are any sort of cream cakes!

Mr Pitchfork’s Pickles - Bob Pitchfork is certainly one of a kind, and indeed are his pickles! I have been stocking them and using them in our sandwiches since the very beginning. He is completely bonkers, but boy does he know how to make a pickle. We also sell jars of the pickles in Homemade, so that you can take your favourite one home to have with some cheese, failing that you can often find him lurking about at farmer’s markets around the county.

Bob’s favourite sandwich is Cheese & Red Onion Chutney on granary and his favourite pickle is Beetroot & Horseradish because it’s really different.

Tim’s favourite sandwich is a Ploughman’s with some Red Onion Chutney and his favourite chutney is Caribbean because it’s Sweet, Spicy & Different, which to that Bob had to add is how Tim likes his ladies! Ha. Good old Bob.